Solar (pv) System

Solar Panels

The 320 watt solar panel is one of the most powerful on the
market. With its high efficiency it captures and delivers all the
sun’s energy.

Charge Controller

Our Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller (MPPT) are the
heart of our smart systems. It is able to maximize the sun’s power
for both storage to batteries and to power inverters
simultaneously. With these MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, a
steady power is produced whether there is sun or rain.


The brain of the system is the certified DC/AC Inverter. It has the
ability to convert direct current (DC) to usable alternating current
(AC). Our inverters have the functions of generating power
directly from the sun during the day or from the batteries at night.


We supply high quality, maintenance free, solar deep cycle
battery designed to store maximum power for later use. These
batteries have the ability to supply adequate DC power to the
inverter with continuous and uninterrupted power supply at night
and when there is minimal sunlight. Their designed lifespan is 10
years or more.