Solar (pv) Systems

LALCORP Saint Lucia brings you the new electrical power source for St. Lucia. We are making energy consumption more affordable for you and its right here at your fingertips.

Lalcorp Saint Lucia exists exclusively to have you experience the freedom of free energy.

Our slogan “Let There Be Light” are words uttered by the creator who gave light as a gift to humanity. We can make you experience that free gift through a one time installation designed to last a lifetime by harnessing the suns power.

We are able to generate electricity through the use of technology that converts it form direct current (DC) from (PV) solar panels into alternating current (AC), suitable for residential and commercial use.

The equipment essential to harness this power are the solar panels, a charge controller, a DC/AC inverter and batteries. For more details and specifications, see the attached products list.

SunEctric Products

We supply high quality, maintenance free, solar deep cycle batteries designed to store maximum power for later use. These batteries have the ability to supply adequate DC power to the inverter with continuous and uninterrupted power supply at night and when there is minimal sunlight. Their designed lifespan is 10 years or more.

SunEctric Products

SunEctric Products