Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If it rains for 3 days, what happens? How long can my battery charge last?

A. The system is designed to function as normal with 3 days of rain. Note also that during rainfall the panels are still able to generate power to run your home/business. This is so because the panels do not need direct sunlight. They use ultra violet light during day time to generate electricity.

Q. What happens if the battery charge gets too low?

A. If the charge of your battery ever reaches a voltage that we set manually as critical, the Inverter has an automatic change over switch which connects you back to the grid until the battery recharges from the sun. Therefore we do not recommend that you disconnect from the grid. (To protect the life of your battery the limit we set as critical is only 50% of the battery’s capacity).

Q. Will it diminish the aesthetics of my home?

A. That’s a definite NO. Instead it adds value to your property.

Q. How big are the panels and how much space do I need to install them?

A. Our Mono-crystalline panel measures 1956*992*40 mm or 6.4*3.25*0.13 of a foot. Your system package requirement . Our systems require from 4 panels. The average home can use as many as 34 panels or more. Business places will require more panels.

Q. If I add more appliances to my home such as an air conditioning unit, will my system still supply the power needed?

A. Systems recommended upon purchase are for your current need. In the future when adding appliances with high energy consumption, the system will need to upgrade. The most likely upgrade will be added panels and batteries. Changing your smaller appliances such as irons and microwaves for example can be done without concern.

Q. Will the panels withstand bad weather?

A. The panels when secured to your structure can withstand winds up to 150 mph. The are also anti-molding. They are maintenance free.